of the U.S. economy, he said.Businesses, farmers and consumers in the United

of the other, said

States have acutely felt the mounting pressures, he added.All these pointed to one simple and undeniable fact: Cooperation

Wang, det

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benefits both China and the United States and the rest of the world; friction will only create a lose-lose situation, and ha

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fit for bo

rm the whole world, Wang said.Wang pointed out that opening-up and integration represent the right direction, and neither Ch

th countri

es from coop

eration in the pas

ina nor the United States can move ahead without the● other.The two countries are now among the mos

t 40 years

.Such cooperation,

t important trade partners and investment destinations for each other, said Wang.With industrial, su


by comparative str

pply and value chains deeply interconnected, China and the United States can be regarded as a commun

engths, ha

s helped drive the

ity of shared interests, he said.Given the size of the two economies and the level of their interdep

robust gr

owth of the U.S. e

endence, so-called decoupling or shutting the door to each other is neither sensible nor realistic,

conomy, su

bstantially cut th

Wang said.Decoupling from the Chinese economy would be decoupling from opportunities, and from the f

e cost of

living for

uture, he said.While China opens itself up wider to the United States and the rest of the word, it also expects the United States to do the same to China and remove all unreasonable restrictions, Wang said.The seasoned diplomat cautioned that conflict and confrontation will lead nowhere, and neither country can mold the other in its

own image.Since China and the United States differ from each other in history, culture, social systems, development paths and national conditions, it is inevitable for them to have disagreements and even frictions, said Wang.What matters most is how to perceive them objectively and handle them properly, he said, adding that differences should not be a chasm that prevents people from engaging

U.S. families and enabled A

merican firm

s to take home huge prof

its, said th

e top diplomat.Wang said

that the tr

ade frictions between Ch

ina and the

United States in the pas

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nd more ha

each other, but an impetus to mutual learning and shared progress.The Chinese state councilor denounced the claim by some Americans that the decades

ve inflicted losses on both
countries.Higher tar
iffs have raised the p
roduction costs of U.S
. companies, pushed up U.S.
consumer prices and dampened

the growth po

-long U.S. engagement policy has fai

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